15-17 MAY 1992
Liège / Belgium

3rd eucen Conference | Practical Aspects of European UCE
The 3rd eucen European conference took place at the University of Liège (BE), 15-17 May 1992. The full title of the conference was “Practical Aspects of European UCE/ Official Constitution 17-05". The theme was "Objects of the eucen".

It was during this conference that the first elections of the Steering Committee of eucen took place and the Statutes for the network were prepared. The hosted university presented its contributions to continuing education. This introduced a new orientation for future conferences where the hosting universities presented its contributions to continuing education.

The most interesting points picked up were:

1. the organisation of modules prepared for the CE at undergraduate level mixing undergraduates and part-time students
2. the public health project
3. the importance of integrating CE research and training in organisational development (structures in development). 

Speakers at the meeting:

-Ms S. Pratt (ECTFHR) - "The EC Memorandum on Higher Education in the European Community"
Practical Aspects of European Continuing Education

-Prof. J.F. Desreux, University of Liege - "The ECTS Programme"
-Prof. P. Demaret, University of Liege - "European Studies"
Case Studies from Liege: a selection of CE Activities in Liege

-Prof. A. Lejeune, faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Liege - "Modular Systems and their possible application to CE"
-Prof. H Lecocq, University of Liege - "Technifuture: a CE and Training Centre set up with Industry"
-Prof. C ReReginster-Haneuse, University of Liege - "CE in Public Health"
-Mr. J. Wilkin, University of Liege - "The Needs of Ways of CE for SMEs"
Case Studies from Liege

-Prof. P.A. Michel, University of Liege Prof. J. Bair, University of Liege - "CE in management and Business Administration"
-Prof. D. Matray, University of Liege - "CE in Law and Business"
Mr.Fr. Bonfond, University of Liege - "Language Training Summer Course"
-Prof. D. Leclercq - "Educational Technology Applications at the University of Liege"