27-29 MAY 2010
Rovaniemi / Finland

39th eucen Conference | Lifelong Learning for the New Decade
The 39th eucen Conference organized by the University of Lapland took place on 27-29 May 2010 in Rovaniemi (FI). 

The Conference centred around new challenges which university continuing education will face over the next decade. In particular, it focused on how to develop and promote restorative education and practices through social, economic and cultural environments in harmony with the physical environment. In the future, it was suggested, lifelong learning will be better connected with the socio-economic and environmental issues affecting our planet and how universities can facilitate innovation and change through a process of lifelong learning.

eucen and the University of Lapland together organised and managed the conference which was attended by more than 120 experts from all over Europe and beyond.

Proceedings of the 39th eucen Conference