Hannover / Germany

34th eucen Conference | The University as an International and Regional Actor
The 34th eucen Conference took place in November 2007 in Hanover (DE). 

The conference focus was in the areas of:

- Excellence of teaching and research according to international standards ("first and second university missions")
- International student mobility
- Suitable changes of university structures promoting LLL
- Output and work related learning content for the promotion of employability.

LLL and employability, even though subject of a European strategy, must be promoted in the regional context. Consequently, more emphasis has been given to the "university third mission" during the last decade that is the knowledge transfer via UCE and consultancy for the benefit of regional development.

Hence, the key question of this conference was: how should the cooperation between the university and other important stakeholders of the region be designed for the development of different occupational fields and for the promotion of employment within the region?

Leibniz University Hannover invited UCE experts from all over Europe and Germany along with regional experts from Lower Saxony, such as employees, employers, unions, and politicians to this conference. Jointly, modes of UCE and consultancy for an efficient transfer of research-based knowledge to the region were debated.