15-17 NOVEMBER 1991
Hannover / Germany

2nd eucen Conference | Conditions and Perspectives of UCE
The 2nd eucen European meeting took place in Hanover (DE), 15- 17 November 1991 and it was hosted by the University of Hanover. The main topic discussed was the creation of eucen.

The objective of this meeting was to analyse present conditions and perspectives of university CE in the view of growing European integration, to exchange experience of different approaches to university CE Case Studies. A plan of action for universities CE pilot projects was designed. Four Workshops were set up to design projects for university cooperation. And after an extensive discussion, the draught proposal of the eucen objectives were agreed.

Speakers at the meeting:

Condition and Perspectives of European Universities Continuing Education

-Prof. H. Seidel - "Perspectives of University CE in view of Growing European Co-operation"
-P. Meyer-Dohm - "Transfer of Knowledge from European Universities Employers Expectations in the 1990s"
-G. Schindler - "The Current Situation of University Continuing Education in Europe: a Comparative Analysis"
-G. Thomas "Aims and Objectives"
Approaches to University Continuing Education

-E. Mondani - "The Italian Experience with COREP (Consortium for Training and Research): Liaison Officers in Universities and Industries"
-M. Richardson - "University of Cambridge: The Range of Courses offered by the Board of Continuing Education"
-G. Thomas - "An Oxford Perspective: Issues and Opportunities in International Continuing Education"
Plan of Action for University Co-operation

-V. de Kosinsky - "An overview: EC Programmes related to Education and Training"
-H. Schroder - "Training Possibilities within COMETT: The Hanover Experience"
-J. Harrison - "The Force SCHEME"
-P. Vroegop - "International Co-operation in the Continuing Education of Teachers"
-G. Windsor - "International Co-operation in Language Training"
-P. v Mitschke-Collande - "International Summer University: Legal Impact of EC 1992 on European Industrial Co-operation"
-C. Gillen - "CE Program in Environmental Rehabilitation for Eastern Europe"