12-15 OCTOBER 2000
London / United Kingdom

20th eucen Conference | Equality-Quality in University Continuing Education
The 20th eucen Conference took place in October 2000 in London (UK).

The theme of the conference was ‘Equality - Quality in University Continuing Education’. Quality is a major challenge in Continuing Education and Universities must be up to it. But quality assurance in Continuing Education is a challenge that should appear in the context of the two other challenges that very appropriately are part of the Conference’s title: Equality and e-quality. Equality because lifelong learning should contribute to the stability of both existing jobs and jobs to be created in the future, to diminish unemployment and to avoid excessive rotation of professionals. Equality also because Continuing Education should be able to provide opportunities for all citizens, helping to reduce the number of either info-excluded or penalized by any other form of exclusion. An e-quality since lifelong learning activities cannot ignore the surroundings of new information and communication technologies and associated modern facilities that are now available for all providers but also for a growing number of receivers.

These issues were developed by the illustrious speakers attending the conference.

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