04-05 MAY 1991
Bristol / United Kingdom

1st eucen Conference | Founding Meeting: UCE Collaboration
The 1st eucen European meeting took place in Bristol (UK) in 1991. The theme was Towards a European Universities Continuing Education Network and it was organised by the University of Bristol.

Representatives from 15 European universities attended the meeting. After an introduction in which suggestions of possible outcomes of the seminar were given and a definition of the scope of continuing education (CE) was agreed as the basis for discussion, presentations outlined CE in each country and the activities in the Universities represented. Specific topics on which universities present would like to see collaboration were identified.

During this first meeting, the participants agreed to establish a Network, eucen, the European University Continuing Education Network, and to regard the present meeting as its inaugural session. The broad Aims of eucen were also agreed during this sessions.

Speakers at the meeting:

Continuing Education in the European Community

-Prof. V. de Kosinsky, University of Liege - "Continuing Education in the University of Liege"
-Prof.J. Bang, Aarhus University - "The Danish Situation"
-Miss. H. Knosgaard, University of Aalborg - "Continuing Education in Denmark and at Aalborg University"
-Ms N Keher, University College, Galway - "Eire, Overview of Adult Education in Ireland"
-Prof. M-C Rouyer, University of Bordeaux III - "CE in the University Michel the Montaigne Bordeaux III"
-Prof. P. von Mitschke-Collande, University of Hanover - "Continuing Education in Germany and at the University of Hanover"
-Dr. AP. Baldry, University of Pavia - "Continuing Education in the University of Pavia"
-Dr. P. Vroegop, University of Leiden - "Continuing Education at Leiden University"
-Prof. L. Mota de Castro, University of Porto - "Continuing Education at the University of Porto"
-Ms. D. Kelly, University of Granada - "The Position in the University of Granada"
-Mrs. V.A. Mitchell (University of Coventry), Mr. M. Richardson (University of Cambridge) and Prof. E. Thomas (University of Bristol) - "University Continuing Education in the United Kingdom"