24-27 JUNE 1999
Reykjavik / Iceland

17th eucen Conference | Learning from Each Other: European Dimension of UCE
The 17th eucen European Conference was hosted by the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Iceland (IS).

Friday, 25 June 1999

-Opening of the Conference
-Keynote speech: Maria-Esmeralda Almeida Teixeira, Principal Administrator European Commission - DGXXII "Higher Eduation Policies and Priorities in Europe"
-Jón Torfi Jónasson, Professor of Education, University of Iceland - The Disappearing Boundary Between Formal and Informal University Education, Is traditional university education responding fas enough to a society in a rapid transition?
-Harold Miller, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Nortwestern College, St. Paul, Minnesota, and former President of the National University CE Association - Extending the University through Continuing Education; Lessons we have learned in the USA
-Two parallel discussion groups on morning presentations, chared by Jón Torfi Jónasson and Harold Miller
-TheNUCE: A report on the 3rd Project Year, Alfredo Soerio, Vice President of eucen
 Project networking and meetings
Saturday, 26 June 1999

The morning will be organised in workshops around four key themes from the third year of TheNUCE. Each theme will be offered twice, with a break between the two sessions mid morning, so that participants will be able to attend two.

Chair: Pat Davies, City University (London)
THEME I: Improving the managemente of UCE - a Handbook for Managers
THEME II: Seminar Actions on UCE (SAUCE)
THEME III: Building a European Observatory of UCE - how to make UCE visible and up-to-date
THEME IV: Innovations in the use of C&IT and Multi-media in UCE
Implementing the future: Life after TheNUCE
Group Work on project proposal - Chair: Alfredo Soeiro
Report from groups