07-09 OCTOBER 1998
Warsaw / Poland

16th eucen Conference | Lifelong Learning: Links between Western and Central Europe
The 16th eucen European Conference took place in October 1998 in Warsaw (PL).


-Opening Speech XVI Conference of eucen in Warsaw, Professor Julian Auleytner, Poland.
-The Educational Question in Social Policy, Professor Julian Auleytner, Poland.
-History and Present-day Problems of Music Education in Poland, Professor Andrzej Rakowski, Poland.
-Continuing Education of Engineers as an Indispensable Factor of Technical, Economic and Civilisation Development, Dr Eng. Bozena Jozefowicz, (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna), Poland.
-Introduction of Lifelong Education to the Educational Culture of Slovakia, Professor Gejza Timcak, Slovakia.
-Evolution of Continuous Education in Ukraine (1990-1998), Professor Konstatin Korsak, Ukraine.
Continuing Education in Romania, Simona Sava, Romania.
-Lifelong Learning in Hungary, "The Role of Practical Training for the Education of Teachers", Professor Lajosno Gyony, Hungary.
-Changes In Education In Portugal Twelve Years After Entrance In The European Union: Brief Account, Professor Manuel Assunçao, Universidade de Aveiro, Campus Universitario de Santiago, Portugal.
-Lifelong Learning as Principle in Adult and Higher Education in Estonia, Larissa Jogi, PhD, Mait Arvisto, PhD, Tallinn University of Educational Science, Estonia.
-Belarus Adult Education During The Transition Period, Anatoliy Smantser and Vera Kapranova, Belarus.
-Continuous Education In Ukraine In European Context, Nellia Nytchkallo, Ukraine.         


-Workshop/Discussion Group following Julian Auleytner's paper. Trevor Joscelyne, Director of Higher Education & Access Development, University of North London, & Pat Davies, Continuing Education, City University.
-Notes on the University of the Third Age of the Jagellonian University of Cracow. Report by Valerie Mitchell.
-Culture, education, lifelong learning. Report by Marjatta Hati-Korkeila.
-Minutes from the workshop "Technical Education in Lifelong Learning". Report by Hakan Sandberg.