13-16 MAY 1998
Orebro / Sweden

15th eucen Conference | Pedagogics and Practice in Lifelong Learning
The 15th eucen Conference took place in May 1998 in Örebro (SE).

The Conference included the following Sessions:

-Håkan Sandberg - Continuing education undeveloped at many universities
-Peder Hård af Segerstad - No managing directors will be forever
-Gunnar Ber - Many styles of leadership will be needed at the University of tomorrow
-Philippe Cochinaux - Let the students of tomorrow form their own courseshilippe Cochinaux
-Carl Lindberg - Smaller universities important to the continuing education of the future
-Bernt Gustavsson - Add new contents to the rhetoric of lifelong learning
-Bert Stålhammar - The most important task of the school system is to create "whole" people
-Ryszard Kucha - Old educational tradition helps us create a new identity
-Cristina Girona - Distance learning via computer an important tool for further education

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