11-13 OCTOBER 1996
Catania / Italy

12th eucen Conference | University Continuing Education and Professions
The 12th eucen Conference was organized by the Center of Further Education (COF) at the University of Catania (IT), in October 1996.

This conference was the first one of its kind in Italy and, coinciding with the "European Year of Life Long Learning", proved a privilege for the University of Catania.

The Conference was a forum for several new ideas. There was a demonstration of the European Electronic Journal of Continuing Education and provided numerous opportunities for exchange. The results of a Virtual Workshop carried out prior to the Conference, were also discussed, and produced some lively discussions as well as positive intentions of carrying out similar projects in the future. There was only a video-link up with a class of students on the Coleraine Campus at the University of Ulster (UK).

The guest speakers presented papers on a vast range of arguments pertinent to the professional environment, the problems and opportunities for the future, as well as the role of universities in developing collaboration programmes with professional bodies. The European dimension of Continuing Education for professions was naturally a key discussion point throughout the Conference.

List of Plenary Sessions and Presentations: 

-The Future of the European Professional, Jeff Watkins, University of Bristol (UK).
-Video-Conference link up between the Universities of Catania and Ulster, Alan Robinson, University of Ulster (UK).
-Pharmacy Continuing Professional Development: current issues and how UK community pharmacists are facing the future, Anna Hughes, University of Bristol (UK).
-The Professional Update of Pharmacists, Salvtore Giunta, University of Catania (IT).
-New Approaches to Training, Antonio Rovesi, Politecnico di Milano (IT).
-The Experience of the Center for Continuing Education (C.O.F) at the University of Catania, Guiuseppe Ronsisvalle , University of Catania (IT).
-Virtual Workshop, Leena Maija Salminen, Turku school of Economics and Business Administration, Open University (SF) & Elizabeth Royston, UCL (UK).
-Workshop on the Electronic Journal, Pat Davies, City University (UK).