26-29 OCTOBER 1995
Kortrijk / Belgium

10th eucen Conference | University CE - Meeting the needs of the Region
The 10th eucen European Conference was held in Kortrijk, (BE). It was hosted by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Universite Ch. de Gaulle Lille 3, FCEP.


Thursday 26th October

Introductory session for participants coming from organisations that are new or future members of eucen and for anyone attending a eucen activity for the first time.

Friday 27th October

Morning Session
Opening of the Conference
Welcome address: Rector of the K.U. Leuven Campus Kortrijk I
Introduction of the conference theme:Rector of the K.U. Leuven Campus

Plenary Session
Presentations and panel discussion by the Director of the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Government, by the president of a large enterprise and of the Kortrijk Chamber of Commerce, by the director of a social profit organisation.
1. What can the government do to meet the needs of a region for continuing education, how can it stimulate a mentality open to continuing education?
2. Continuing education as part of a strategy in the economic and social development of a (transnational) region: what do industry and business expect from the university? how to develop an effective collaboration?
3. The role of university continuing education in social organisations. Continuing education as a tool in developing employment policies, emancipatory strategies, in education to citizenship etc. 

Afternoon Session in Lille (France)
Seminar organised by the Universite de Lille 3 - FCEP Transnational cooperation and meeting the needs of neighbouring regions. The added value of transnational cooperation;opportunities and difficulties. Actions in continuing education supported by the European Community: the case of Interreg, the role of eucen.

Saturday 28th October

Morning Session Plenary Session

The policy of the K.U. Leuven: presentation and panel discussion What strategy can be developed by a university to meet the need for education and training of a region: the balance of supply (results of recent research) and demand (needs of a region)


Subject groups on specific contexts for continuing education: a brief introduction given in order to start up a discussion on methods to identify the real needs and the appropriate ways to meet them; on designing, implementing and evaluating university continuing education:
1.meeting the needs of professions
2.teaching school teachers
3.language learning for specific courses
4.designing new learning environments
5.how the needs in a region could be met by organising open and distant learning.

Afternoon Session in Bruges
1.Company visit to BN-Bombardier-Eurorail Discovering policies on continuing education policies of a large enterprise or
2.Seminar organised by the Regional Development Institute. How to meet the need for continuing education in a region?

Sunday, 29th of October

Reports of eucen working groups
Workshop with demonstration on how to use INTERNET

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