eucen Annual Conferences are organised once a year always in spring. These academically-focused Conferences are coorganised in partnership with one of eucen’s Full Member universities on a topical theme. A wide range of participants come together to debate current issues, to exchange best practices and innovation and to network.

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31 May - 02 June 2023
Utrecht / Netherlands
53rd eucen Conference | Utrecht (NL), Wed 31 May - Fri 02 Jun 2023

The Future of University Continuing Education: The power of connection!

eucen's 53rd annual conference will be hosted by Utrecht University. The aim of Continuing Education is to improve the motivation and performance of professionals, to address societal challenges, and to increase social cohesion. Join us next year in the Netherlands to explore these topics!

08 - 10 June 2022
Budapest / Hungary
52nd eucen Conference | Budapest (HU), Wed 08 - Fri 10 June 2022

University Lifelong Learning Today and Tomorrow: Transforming HEIs for a Higher Quality and More Inclusive Knowledge Transfer
Are you already planning to have some face to face activities in 2022? Then you need to seriously consider joining us in our forthcoming conference in Budapest (HU), Wed 08-Fri 10 June 2022. 

05 - 07 June 2019
Aveiro / Portugal
51st eucen Conference | Aveiro (PT), Wed 05 - Fri 07 June 2019

University Lifelong Learning to live a better life - Continuing Education for sustainable Quality of Life in Europe
The 51st eucen conference addresses the enrichment of Life through higher education, exploring the effects of 50 years of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and continuing education on work and life.

06 - 08 June 2018
Bergen / Norway
50th eucen Conference | Bergen (NO), Wed 06 - Fri 08 June 2018

Times of transition - the role of university lifelong learning
Navegating the uncertain waters of life transition and creating learning charts to different futures
The 50th eucen conference celebrates the growth and evolvement of university lifelong learning through the past decades, and looks into future opportunities in times of transition.

07 - 09 June 2017
Mainz / Germany
49th eucen Conference - Mainz (DE), 07-09 June 2017

The University of Mainz in Germany introduces the next eucen conference "University Lifelong Learning and the labour market in Europe - the contribution of continuing education and vocational education to the challenges of changing work and qualification requirements"

01 - 03 June 2016
Dublin / Ireland
48th eucen Conference - Dublin (IE) 01-03 June 2016

Dublin City University and the Higher Education Research Centre present the announcement of the 48th eucen Conference: Crossing borders through Lifelong Learning: Enhancing Quality and Equity in Higher Education

03 - 05 June 2015
Istanbul / Turkey
47th eucen Conference | Building bridges together in University Lifelong Learning

The eucen 2015 Conference will take place in Istanbul (TR) at the Boğaziçi University from June 3rd to 5th in 2015.

11 - 13 June 2014
Warsaw / Poland
46th eucen Conference | Lifelong Learning Universities and the European Policies on Social Investment

The eucen 2014 Conference which took place in Warsaw (PL) at the Warsaw School of Economics from June 11th to 13th in 2014, was jointly organised by eucen and the Warsaw School of Economics, the Educational Research Institute, the University of Gdansk and the Polish Universities for Lifelong Learning.