National Networks / Collaboration

eucen has always recognised the importance of having close links with National and Regional Networks focused on LLL and CE.

The number of National and Regional Networks that are members of eucen has increased steadily. We not only have links to formal networks but also to informal groups that have a real interest in discussing the needs and current climate of LLL and CE in their country.

Over the last 4 years we have scheduled periodical meetings of the networks to discuss issues of common interest. And some new networks have been initiated at eucen European Conferences - for example, the Spanish at the Barcelona conference in spring 2001 and the Italian one at the Chieti conference in autumn 2001.

What can eucen do for National Networks?

- eucen website resources and links to Network member webpages
- Meetings of Network Representatives and Poster Sessions at eucen Conferences
- Organise seminars or study visits
- Roles in eucen projects
- Support for new networks
- Support for regional groupings of National Networks
- Support project development and lobbying at national and European levels
- eucen representation at Network Conferences

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