eucen Alliances

AAACE - American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

The mission of the AAACE is to provide leadership for the field of adult and continuing education by expanding opportunities for adult growth and development; unifying adult educators; fostering the development and dissemination of theory, research, information, and best practices; promoting identity and standards for the profession; and advocating relevant public policy and social change initiatives.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

CYD Foundation

The CYD Foundation aspires to consolidate itself as a reflection group, the purpose of which is to make a contribution to and boost the transformation of univerity culture, turning it into a culture that rewards entrepreneurship and the capability for risk of all of those who participate in it, both students and lecturers.

eucen has established close collaboration with this foundation.

EAEA | European Association for the Education of Adults

EAEA promotes adult learning and the widening of access and participation in formal, non-formal and informal adult education for all, particularly for groups currently under-represented.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

EAN | European Access Network

The EAN is the only European-wide, non-governmental organisation for widening participation in higher education.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

EDEN | European Distance and E-Learning Network

The European Distance and E-Learning Network exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

EUA | European Universities Association

The European University Association (EUA) represents and supports higher education institutions in 47 countries, providing them with a unique forum to cooperate and keep abreast of the latest trends in higher education and research policies.

eucen has collaborated with EUA in different ways throughout the years. Recently has been one of the partners of EUA's project SIRUS.

FACE | Forum for Access and Continuing Education

FACE aims to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information and practice to encourage continuing education and lifelong learning between practitioners and providers.

eucen has established close collaboration with this organisation.

LLL Platform | The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning

The LLL Platform promotes European-wide cooperation among civil society organisations.

eucen is one of the founding associations of this platform and has full member status. eucen is currently represented in the Steering Committee of this platform.

Open Education Europa

The European Commission launched Open Education Europa in September 2013 as part of the Opening up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European OER. The main goal of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages in order to be able to present the to learners, teachers and researchers. Open Education Europa is a dynamic platform built with the latest cutting-edge open-source technology, offering tools for communicating, sharing and discussing. The portal is structured in 3 main sections: Find, Share and In-Depth.

eucen has establised an agreement of mutual collaboration in dissemination with them.

PASCAL International Observator

PASCAL's interests and activities span a range of themes which address particular policy fields and processes to achieve sustainable change across economic, social and cultural domains.

eucen has established close collaboration with this organisation.

RECLA | Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa

RECLA's main aim is to promote the development and growth of continuing education in Latino America, in order to reach the higher standards of academic and administrative quality and develop into a fairer society.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

UPCEA | University Professional and Continuing Education Association

UPCEA assists institutions of higher learning and affiliated nonprofit organizations to increase access through a wide array of educational programs and services.

eucen has mutual membership with this association.

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